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Filipa Cardoso Millinery Deconstructed Boater

Deconstructed Boater

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Deconstructed Boater for Graduate Collection “Hat Deconstruction”

This headpiece design is based on the deconstruction of a traditional straw boater into its three main parts: brim, side band and tip. The three sections of the boater are then independent and free to create their own dynamic.
Two main materials were used to make this boater: wire and straw. They create this design identity and suggest a traditional straw boater.

Each part of the boater is constructed in wire as if it was a drawing. So, after the wire structure is finished, the main design is immediately recognised. The wire structure creates a silhouette of the deconstructed boater and was used as a base for the straw braid.

The vintage straw braid used recalls a traditional straw boater, so that, just by the characteristics of the material we can imagine a traditional boater.
The straw was slightly shaped and blocked to the different parts of the boater but maintaining a feeling of freedom. The straw braid is just suggesting a boater but it keeps its independence and individual aesthetic energy of a strip straw braid.