Surrealism and Hats – Filipa Cardoso Millinery

Surrealism and Hats

Most of the time I find inspiration in Art Movements. Even though my work tends to have a minimalistic aesthetic, I’m always intrigued by Surrealism. Images created by Surrealism artists such as Dora Maar, captivate my attention to the smallest detail. 

What fascinates me about Surrealism is the connection between conscious and unconscious, explored by elements of the world of dream, fantasy together with the elements from the real world. 

Dream and fantasy are intrinsic aspects of the imaginative, creative and peculiar world of millinery. For that reason a lot of Surrealist artists incorporated hats in their creations. We can think about Magritte's obsession with boaters and Elsa Schiaparelli's controversial shoe hat. 

Designers have often turned to art movements for inspirations. As a millinery student, I was encouraged to visit London’s museums to study and draw objects and art pieces to inspire our designs. 

I’m curious about shape and form, fascinated by colour, intrigued by social, historical and cultural references, and therefore find myself drawn to art galleries, to museums, to artists' studios and archives, and to simply hang out with my contemporaries in the art world, or other design and craft disciplines. 

My occasion collection is inspired by multiple art movements but I believe that there are unconscious surrealist aspects in all of them by their flowing, emotive lines and biomorphic shapes.

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